A user in the Organization Administrator or Organization User role interacts with the VMware Data Services Manager User Console to view details of their data service deployments, and to perform various management tasks on these databases.


The VMware Data Services Manager User Console is available only to users in the Organization Administrator and Organization User roles. The same views and operations are available to both roles, but the scope of the information that displays differs:

  • A user in the Organization User role has the privileges required to view and manage only the objects that they own.
  • A user in the Organization Administrator role has the privileges required to view and manage all objects owned by the Organization.

About the Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of important VMware Data Services Manager metrics for you (Organization User) or for your organization (Organization Administrator):

  • The number and type of provisioned databases.
  • The storage allocated to the databasess associated with the Organization User and Organization Administrator across environments.
  • The storage allocated on local and cloud storage.
  • The currently available disk capacity across environments.
  • The number of local and cloud backups.

Click a Dashboard entry to drill-down and view detailed information about the object.

About the Console Views

The VMware Data Services Manager User Console provides several views that enable you to create, monitor, and manage databases. You can access a view of interest via the left navigation pane, and in some cases, from the Dashboard.

The User Console views include:

Object Description
Databases Create, monitor, and manage, database VMs.
Database Backups Create, monitor, and restore database backups.
Database Alerts Monitor database alerts.
Environment Monitor and manage registered environments.
Environment Alarms Monitor environment alarms.
Environment Events Monitor environments events.
Namespaces Monitor Namespaces that are associated with the organization.
Operations View and monitor operations that are targeted on database VMs, Provider VMs, Templates, and Infrastructure.
Organization Monitor users and details of the organization.
Settings View and manage email notifications for database VMs of the organization.
Users Create, monitor, manage the configured users.
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