Command Center allows you create and manage Greenplum Streaming Server (GPSS) client jobs for loading data from external sources into Greenplum Database. The Command Center data loading feature can be thought of as a wrapper around the GPSS client utility gpsscli, which is used for creation and management of GPSS client data loading jobs.

NOTE: Currently, Amazon S3 is the only external data source type supported and CSV is the only data file format supported.

Via the Data Loading view, you perform three categories of tasks:

  • Job creation and management, in the Data Loading> Jobs view. When you create a job, you may do so either by entering data in the UI via a 5-step process -- if your source data has fewer than 30 columns of data -- or by uploading a YAML file. For a full explanation of job creation and management, see Creating and Managing Data Loading Jobs.

  • Reviewing of log data, in the Data Loading> Action Logs view. The log portion of the UI reports a variety of general information about data loading jobs and, for each job, lets you drill down for more details. For more information, see Viewing Data Loading Logs.

  • Configuration and viewing of GPSS server access information, in the Data Loading> Settings view. For more information, see Configuring GPSS Server Access.

NOTE: You must configure GPSS server access before creating jobs.

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