Greenplum Database Security Configuration Guide

This guide describes how to secure a Greenplum Database system. The guide assumes knowledge of Linux/UNIX system administration and database management systems. Familiarity with structured query language (SQL) is helpful.


Because VMware Greenplum is based on PostgreSQL, certain commercial security scanning software, when trying to identify VMware Greenplum Database vulnerabilities, may use a PostgreSQL database profile. The reports generated by these tools can produce misleading results, and cannot be trusted as an accurate assessment of vulnerabilities that may exist in VMware Greenplum. For further assistance, or to report any specific VMware Greenplum security concerns, refer to the VMware Tanzu Security Response Center guidelines.

Because Greenplum Database is based on PostgreSQL 9.4, this guide assumes some familiarity with PostgreSQL. References to PostgreSQL documentation are provided throughout this guide for features that are similar to those in Greenplum Database.

This information is intended for system administrators responsible for administering a Greenplum Database system.

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