You can assign one more ThinApp applications to a particular desktop pool.

If you assign a ThinApp application to a linked-clone pool and later refresh, recompose, or rebalance the pool, Horizon Administrator reinstalls the application for you. You do not have to manually reinstall the application.


Scan an application repository and add selected ThinApp applications to Horizon Administrator. See Add ThinApp Applications to Horizon Administrator.


  1. In Horizon Administrator, select Catalog > Desktop Pools and double-click the pool ID.
  2. On the Inventory tab, click ThinApps and then click Add Assignment.
    The ThinApp applications that are not already assigned to the pool appear in the table.
  3. To find a particular application, type the name of the ThinApp application in the Find text box and click Find.
  4. Select a ThinApp application to assign to the pool and click Add.
    Repeat this step to select multiple applications.
  5. Select an installation type and click OK.
    Option Action
    Streaming Installs a shortcut to the application on the machine. The shortcut points to the application on the network share that hosts the repository. Users must have access to the network share to run the application.
    Full Installs the full application on the machine's local file system.
    Some ThinApp applications do not support both installation types. How the application package was created determines which installation types are available.


Horizon Administrator begins installing the ThinApp applications the first time a user logs in to a desktop in the pool. After the installation is finished, the applications are available to all of the users of the desktop pool.