After you have finished running the Upgrade task, you must run the Migrate task in RunDeck.


Before you can run the Migrate task, you must first finish running the Upgrade task.


  1. Get the tenant OrgID from Service Center.
    1. Log into vCenter.
    2. Find the Id text box to the left of the tenant name.
  2. Click Jobs > Horizon DaaS Migrate Tenant Appliances.
  3. Fill out the information, then click Run Job Now.
  4. Click the Log Output button and monitor upload status on the bottom left of the browser window.
    After the job has finished successfully, the following output displays in the log:
  5. To verify the new version, log into the Administration Console, click the ? icon, and select About.
    A dialog appears showing the version number.
  6. If you are using a single vCenter Server configuration, set the allow.shared.hostmanager policy to true.
    Important: Using a single vCenter Server configuration is not considered a best practice for production environments. Use this configuration for demonstration or limited-use environments only.
    1. In Service Center, click tenants > policy.
      The Policy configuration page displays.
    2. Click an empty area of the page to the right or left of the policy list.
    3. Type dtpolicy.
      Additional hidden policies display in the list.
    4. If allow.shared.hostmanager is set to false (the default value), double-click on the word false to edit the value.
    5. Enter true and click OK.

What to do next

After you have finished running the Migrate task for the new tenant, you must set up Unified Access Gateway (UAG). See Install Unified Access Gateway.