You can upgrade a tenant from Horizon DaaS 8.0.1 to Horizon DaaS 9.0.0.

Note: For information about upgrading from Horizon DaaS 9.0.0 to Horizon DaaS 9.0.1, see the Horizon DaaS 9.0.x Release Notes.
There are four tasks required to upgrade a tenant.
  • Running an Upgrade task in RunDeck, which stages the new “Blue” tenant appliances and prepares them for cut-over.
  • Running a Migrate task in RunDeck on the day of your maintenance window, which powers off the old tenants and cuts over to the new appliances.
  • Setting up Unified Access Gateway (UAG)
  • Configuring automatic agent upgrades.
After these steps have been performed, you can start migrating and updating images, desktops, pools, and farms.
Note the following:
  • Your tenant assignments still work even though they are on DaaS Agent 8.0.x.
  • You can only update and migrate one tenant at a time.
  • Downloading usage reports on a tenant that has been upgraded but not migrated will not work until after migration.