The VMware Horizon Desktop Recording feature allows administrators to record desktop sessions to monitor user behavior on a Windows remote desktop.

Administrators can observe a user's exact keystrokes, cursor and mouse activity, and user behavior in a recorded desktop session. Desktop Recording provides greater security and auditing for user behavior. It also helps with troubleshooting and reproducing issues the user experiences during a session. Administrators can play back, store, and audit the recordings.

Desktop Recording consists of the following components:
  • Desktop Recording Server: Collects information about the session as well as raw recording data for storage and playback.
  • Desktop Recording Agent: Records a user session, registers the session with the Desktop Recording Server, and uploads recording data.

When a user logs on to the desktop, Desktop Recording starts automatically, displaying the default message Your session is being recorded in accordance with security policies. The recording runs as long as the session is in a connected state. Recording stops when the user logs out or disconnects from the desktop. If the user changes the screen resolution of the desktop session, Desktop Recording creates a new segment of the recording. Recording file sizes vary based on the duration of the connected session. Recordings are stored as mp4 and can be downloaded to play in a local player or viewed in the Desktop Recording web console.

Note the following:
  • The Desktop Recording feature is not supported on RDSH desktops.
  • Upgrade is not currently supported since this is the initial version for this feature.