You install the VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 patch by using the viopatch utility.

Important: The viopatch uninstall action is deprecated and cannot be used to revert to the previous version. The snapshots created in this process are therefore necessary for reversion. Do not remove these snapshots until all validation tasks have been completed and you are certain that you will not need to revert to the previous version.


  • Download the VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 patch from VMware Integrated OpenStack download page. The patch is delivered as a DEB file.
  • Verify that your environment meets the requirements for VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1. See VMware Integrated OpenStack System Requirements.
  • Verify that the network ports required for VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 are open. See Required Network Ports.
    Important: The HAProxy web UI now uses port 1993. Update your firewall configuration accordingly.
  • For NSX-T Data Center deployments, if you do not want to use Barbican as your key manager, modify your custom.yml file as follows:
    1. Under Barbican options, uncomment cert_manager_type.
    2. Set its value to vmware_nsxv3.
  • Ensure that your current deployment is running VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.0. If you are running an older version, follow the procedure described in Upgrade VMware Integrated OpenStack.


  1. If you have already deployed OpenStack, take snapshots of the OpenStack Management Server and the deployment.
    Note: Do not perform this step if you have not yet deployed OpenStack on the current environment.
    1. In the vSphere Client, take a snapshot of the OpenStack Management Server virtual machine.
    2. Log in to the OpenStack Management Server and take a snapshot.
      sudo viopatch snapshot take
      Note: This command stops OpenStack services. Services will be started again when the patch is installed.
  2. Transfer the VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 patch file to the OpenStack Management Server virtual machine.
  3. Add and install the patch file.
    sudo viopatch add -l path/vio-patch-5.1_5.1.0.10738236_all.deb
    sudo viopatch install -p vio-patch-5.1 -v

    You can run the sudo viopatch list command at any time to display all added patches and the corresponding version.

What to do next

After you have validated that the patched version is operating correctly, you can run sudo viopatch snapshot remove to delete the snapshot. This action is destructive and cannot be reversed. You cannot roll back after deleting the snapshot.

If you need to roll back to the previous version, see Roll Back a VMware Integrated OpenStack Patch.