VMware Live Recovery provides unified management of ransomware and disaster recovery capabilities in a single cloud-based interface.

VMware Live Recovery offers protection from modern ransomware and disaster situations for your VMware-based servers and workloads within a managed cloud or on-premises environment to ensure the availability and recoverability of your critical assets.

VMware Live Recovery makes it easier to protect and recover data using a single deployment method and flexible licensing model, so you can provision and manage VMware Live Cyber Recovery and VMware Live Site Recovery from one interface.

VMware Live Cyber Recovery

VMware Live Cyber Recovery is an easy-to-use, on-demand ransomware and disaster recovery (DR) solution, delivered as SaaS, with cloud economics.

VMware Ransomware Recovery provides an isolated recovery environment (IRE) on a VMware Cloud recovery SDDC that allows you to inspect, analyze, recover, and validate that infected VMs are safe to restore them to a production environment.

VMware Live Site Recovery

VMware Live Site Recovery is an on-demand, end-to-end disaster recovery solution that uses array-based, VMware vSphere Replication host-based, or VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) replication along with VMware Live Site Recovery orchestration.

Name Changes

With the innaugural release of VMware Live Recovery, two existing VMware products have had their name changed:

Old Name New Name
VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, VMware Cloud DR VMware Live Cyber Recovery
VMware Site Recovery Manager, VMware SRM VMware Live Site Recovery

These two VMware solutions, VMware Live Cyber Recovery and VMware Live Site Recovery, are now part of VMware Live Recovery.