Install the Mirage file portal so that end users can view files in their CVD snapshots from a Web browser. End users can access the file portal with the appropriate login credentials.

About this task

The .msi installation file is located in the Mirage installation package.


You must install Microsoft IIS 7.0 or later for the file portal. For more information about installing IIS, see Install IIS.


  1. Double-click the mirage.WebAccess.x64.buildnumber.msi file for your environment and click Run to start the installation wizard.
  2. Follow the prompts until you come to Web Access Configuration page and provide the Web access configuration information.



    Web Access

    Select Web Access to provide access to only an end-user's user files, as defined by the administrator, across all CVD snapshots. The Mirage client user can access the Web Access feature to only download their files at http://server:6080/Explorer.

    Admin Web Access

    Select Admin Web Access to give the administrator full access to all user CVDs across all CVD snapshots. The administrator can access the Admin Web Access feature to download all files of any user at http://server:6080/AdminExplorer.

    By default, both the Web Access and Admin Web Access web applications are configured for the file portal. You can choose not to configure either of these options by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting Entire feature will be unavailable.

  3. When prompted, provide the path to the Mirage Management server location.
  4. Verify the HTTP port and the HTTPS port.

    The default HTTP port is 6080, and the default HTTPS port is 6443.

  5. Complete the installation.

What to do next

You can now install the Mirage Management console.