The Mirage Management console is the graphical user interface used to perform scalable maintenance, management, and monitoring of deployed endpoints. The Management console is built as a Microsoft Management Console version 3.0 snap-in.


Install the Mirage Management server.


  1. Double-click the .msi installation file (located in the Mirage installation package) for your environment to start the installation wizard.





  2. Follow the prompts to complete the installation wizard.


After you install the Management console, you can see a shortcut to the Management console on your desktop.


For Mirage 5.5 and later, Mirage Web Management is recommended over Mirage Management Console because of the enhancements, which are available only in Mirage Web Management.

Restrict using Mirage Management Console only for the following operations (not available in the Mirage Web Management):

  • Role-based access control

  • Define roles and add users to existing roles.

  • View results of CVD integrity reports.

  • Edit Layer Rules.

  • Force upload of a Pending Assignment device (The Web console lets you force upload only Pending Restore device).

What to do next

You can connect the console to the Mirage Management system. See Connect the Console to the Mirage System.