Tier-0 gateways, tier-1 gateways, and segments can span one or more locations in the NSX Federation environment.

When you plan your network topology, keep these requirements in mind:
  • Tier-0 and tier-1 gateways can have a span of one or more locations.

  • The span of a tier-1 gateway must be equal to, or a subset of, the span of the tier-0 gateway it is attached to.

  • A segment has the same span as the tier-0 or tier-1 gateway it is attached to. Isolated segments are not realized until they are connected to a gateway.

  • NSX Edge nodes in the Edge Cluster selected on the Global Manager for tier-0 and tier-1 gateways must be configured with the Default TZ Overlay.
You can create different topologies to achieve different goals.
  • You can create segments and gateways that are specific to a given location. Each site has its own configuration, but you can manage everything from the Global Manager interface.
  • You can create segments and gateways that span locations. These stretched networks provide consistent networking across sites.