When you enable route redistribution, the tier-0 logical router will redistribute routes into the configured destination protocol.



  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Select Networking > Tier-0 Logical Routers.
  3. Select the tier-0 logical router.
  4. Click the Routing tab and select Route Redistribution from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Edit to enable or disable route redistribution.
  6. Click Add to add a set of route redistribution criteria.
    Option Description
    Name and Description

    Assign a name to the route redistribution. You can optionally provide a description.

    An example name, advertise-to-bgp-neighbor.

    Sources Select one or more of the following sources:
    • T0 Connected
    • T0 Uplink
    • T0 Downlink
    • T0 CSP
    • T0 Loopback
    • T0 Static
    • T0 NAT
    • T0 DNS Forwarder IP
    • T0 IPSec Local IP
    • T1 Connected
    • T1 CSP
    • T1 Downlink
    • T1 Static
    • T1 LB SNAT
    • T1 NAT
    • T1 LB VIP
    • T1 DNS Forwarder IP
    Route Map (Optional) Assign a route map to filter a sequence of IP addresses from route redistribution.