VMware PKS is a jointly developed product offered by VMware and Pivotal. PKS delivers Kubernetes-based container services for multi-cloud enterprises and service providers.

PKS enables organizations to deploy and operate containerized workloads by providing these capabilities.

  • High availability. PKS monitors and manages Kubernetes clusters from infrastructure to applications to ensure high availability.

  • Advanced container networking and security. PKS integrates with VMware NSX-T to provide pod-level container networking, load balancing, and security policies.

  • Instant provisioning. You can create Kubernetes clusters quickly and on-demand.

  • Multi-tenancy. You only access the Kubernetes containers you create.

  • Secure container registry. You can secure your container workload images by performing vulnerability scans, using image signing, and auditing images.

  • Persistent storage. You can deploy Kubernetes clusters for both stateless and stateful workloads.

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