Configuration overrides can be made to some settings that were assigned to an Edge. In most cases, an override must first be enabled, and then changes can be made.

Override rules can be added to existing Business Policy and Firewall rules. Override rules have precedence over all other rules defined for Business Policy or Firewall. For more information, see Configure Business Policy for Edges .

Note: Edge overrides enable Edge specific edits to the displayed settings, and discontinue further automatic updates from the configuration Profile. You can simply disable the override and go back to automatic updates any time.

Edge Device Configurations—A Roadmap

Go to Configure > Edges > Device to override configurations at the Edge-level. Some configurations are segment-aware, that is the configurations must be enabled for each segment where they are intended to work. Whereas, other configurations are common across segments.

The following table provides the list of Edge-level configurations:
Configuration Type of Configuration For details, refer to ...
DSL Settings
Note: Available only for 610 Edge and 610-LTE devices.
Common Configure DSL Settings
GPON Settings
Note: Available only for 6X0 Edges.
Common Configure GPON Settings
Authentication Settings Segment-aware (Only for Global segment) Configure Authentication Settings
DNS Settings Segment-aware (Only for Global segment) Configure DNS Settings
NetFlow Settings Segment-aware Configure Netflow Settings for Edges
LAN-Side NAT Rules Common LAN-side NAT Rules at Edge Level
Syslog Settings Segment-aware Configure Syslog Settings for Edges
Static Route Settings Segment-aware Configure Static Route Settings
ICMP Probes Segment-aware Configure ICMP Probes/Responders
ICMP Responders Segment-aware Configure ICMP Probes/Responders
VRRP Settings Segment-aware Configure VRRP Settings
Cloud VPN Segment-aware Configure Cloud VPN and Tunnel Parameters at the Edge Level
BFD Rules Common Configure BFD
OSPF Areas Segment-aware Enable OSPF
BGP Settings Segment-aware Configure BGP from Edge to Underlay Neighbors
Multicast Settings Segment-aware Configure Multicast Settings
Cloud Security Service Segment-aware Configure Cloud Security Services for Edges
High Availability Common Enable High Availability
VLAN Common Configure VLAN for Edges
Loopback Interfaces Segment-aware Loopback Interfaces Configuration
Orchestrator Management Traffic Common Configure Orchestrator Management Traffic for Edges
Device Settings (Interface and WAN) Common Configure Device Settings
Security VNF Common Security VNFs
Multi-Source QOS Common Enable Multi-Source QOS
L2 Settings Common Configure Layer 2 Settings for Edges
SNMP Settings Common Configure SNMP Settings for Edges
NTP Servers Common Configure NTP Settings for Edges
Visibility Mode Common Configure Visibility Mode