Device configuration allows you to assign segments to a Profile and configure Interfaces to be associated with a Profile.

For segment aware profiles, there are two sections on the UI:

Configuration Type Description
Segment-aware configurations Configure Segments area of the Device tab screen. Customers can choose the segment from the drop-down menu, select the segment, and then the configuration for that segment will display in the Configure Segments area.
Common configurations The lower part of the Device tab screen. Features and configurations that apply to multiple segments, which include VLAN configs, Device Settings, Wifi and Multi-source QoS.

You can perform the following steps for Device Configuration:

Segment-aware Configurations

  • Authentication Settings
  • DNS Settings
  • Netflow Settings
  • Syslog Settings
  • Cloud VPN
  • OSPF Areas
  • BGP Settings
  • Multicast Settings
  • Cloud Security Service

Common Configurations:

  • VLAN
  • Device Settings
  • Wi-Fi Radio Settings
  • Multi-Source QoS
  • SNMP Settings
  • NTP Servers
  • Visibility Mode