You can configure SD-WAN Orchestrator for integrating Azure Virtual WAN and SD-WAN Gateway to enable the branch-to-Azure VPN connectivity.

Note: By default, the Azure Virtual WAN feature is deactivated. To enable the feature, an Operator Super user must set the session.options.enableAzureVirtualWAN system property to true.
Note: When using the Azure Virtual WAN Automation from SD-WAN Gateway feature, the Non SD-WAN Destination (NSD) tunnel only supports static routes. As a result, this feature is not currently compatible with BGP over IPsec.

Before you begin the SD-WAN Orchestrator configuration for Azure Virtual WAN - SD-WAN Gateway automation, ensure you have completed all the steps explained in the Prerequisite Azure Configuration and Configure Azure Virtual WAN for Branch-to-Azure VPN Connectivity sections.

For step-by-step instructions about the various procedures that need to be completed in the SD-WAN Orchestrator side for integrating Azure Virtual WAN and SD-WAN Gateway, see:

To view the details of Non SD-WAN Destinations network services configured for an enterprise, see Monitor Non SD-WAN Destinations.