The Manage Partners option allows you to create new partners, who can independently manage a group of customers.

In the Operator panel, click Manage Partners. Click Actions to perform the following activities:

  • New Partner: Creates a new partner. See Create New Partner.
  • Modify Partner: Navigates to the Partner Overview in the Partner portal, where you can configure other settings corresponding to the selected partner. You can also click a partner name to navigate to the Partner portal. For more information see the Configure Partner Information.
  • Delete Partner: Deletes the selected partners. Ensure that you have removed all the customers associated to the selected partner, before deleting the partner.
  • Add Operator Profiles: Assigns an Operator profile to the selected partners, which specifies the network settings managed by SD-WAN Orchestrator. After selecting the partners, click Actions > Add Operator Profiles. In the Add Profile to Selected Partners window, select a profile from the Operator profile drop-down menu and click Submit.
    Note: The Operator profile drop-down menu displays only Operator Profiles with images that have not been deprecated.

    For more information about Operator profiles, see Manage Operator Profiles.