The Gateway Pool is a group of Gateways.

Gateways can be organized into pools that are then assigned to a network. An unpopulated default Gateway pool is available after you install SD-WAN Orchestrator. If required, you can create additional Gateway Pools.

In the Operator portal, click Gateway Pools.

The Gateway Pools window displays the existing Gateway pools with the following options:
  • Search – Enter a term to search for a specific detail. Click the drop-down arrow to filter the view by a specific criteria.
  • Cols – Click and select the columns to be shown or hidden in the view.
  • Reset View – Click to reset the view to default settings.
  • Refresh – Click to refresh the details displayed with the most current data.

The Gateway Pools table displays the following details:

  • Gateway Pool – Displays the name of the Gateway Pool.
  • Gateways – Displays the number of Gateways available in the Gateway Pool.
  • IP Version – Displays whether the Gateway Pool is enabled with IPv4 address or both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Customers – Displays the number of Enterprise Customers associated with the Gateway Pool.
  • Partner Gateway – Displays the status of the Partner Gateway. The following are the available options: None, Allow, and Partner Gateways.
  • Managed Pool – Displays whether the Partner can manage the Gateway Pool.
Click Actions to perform the following activities:
  • New Gateway Pool – Creates a new Gateway Pool. See Create New Gateway Pool.
  • Clone Gateway Pool – Creates a new Gateway Pool, by cloning the existing configurations from the selected Gateway Pool. See Clone a Gateway Pool.
  • Delete Gateway Pool – Deletes the selected Gateway Pool. You cannot delete a Gateway Pool that is already being used by a Partner or an Enterprise Customer.