The Application Maps are JSON files consisting of various Applications with definitions, which can be used while creating Business Policies.

In the Operator panel, click Application Maps > Actions to perform the following activities.

  • Upload Application Map – Allows to upload the JSON file with the applications and definitions. See Upload Application Map.
  • Clone Application Map – Creates a new Application Map by cloning an existing Application Map file. See Clone Application Map.
  • Modify Application Map – Allows to add or update the application details available in the selected Application Map. See Modify Application Map.
  • Refresh Application Map – Updates the Application definitions listed in the selected Application Maps. See Refresh Application Map.
  • Push Application Map – Pushes the latest updates of the Application definitions available in the Application Maps to the associated SD-WAN Edges. See Push Application Map.
  • Delete Application Map – Deletes the selected Application Maps. You cannot delete a map that has been assigned to an Operator profile.