To provision a SD-WAN Edge, perform the steps on this procedure.


Ensure you have the SD-WAN Orchestrator host name and admin account to login.


  1. Log in to the SD-WAN Orchestrator application as Admin user, with your login credentials.
  2. Go to Configure > Edges.
  3. Click New Edge.
    The Provision New Edge dialog box appears.
  4. In the Name text box, enter a unique name for the Edge.
  5. From the Model drop-down menu, select Virtual Edge.
  6. From the Profile drop-down menu, select Quick Start Profile and click Create.
    The Edge is provisioned, and the activation key is displayed on the top of the page. Make a note of the activation key to use it for launching the Edge from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console.
  7. Configure Virtual Edge interfaces. The following steps are explained considering Topology A.
    1. Click the Device tab and go to the Interface Settings area.
    2. Update configurations of Virtual Edge interfaces (GE1 Interface, GE2 Interface, and GE3 Interface by clicking the Edit corresponding to the interface and then selecting the Override Interface checkbox, as follows:
      • Change GE1 interface capability to Routed and disable WAN Overlay and NAT Direct Traffic.
      • Change GE2 interface capability to Routed and ensure WAN Overlay and NAT Direct Traffic are enabled.
      • For GE3 interface, disable WAN Overlay and NAT Direct Traffic, which will be the next hop for devices connected to Private VPC subnets (LAN devices).​


A Virtual Edge is provisioned on SD-WAN Orchestrator.

What to do next

Deploy the Virtual Edge on GCP. You can deploy the Virtual Edge by using one of the following methods: