In this section,BASEDIR refers to the directory for the Service Assurance Manager .

The BASEDIR/smarts/conf/ics/ics-default.xml file is the configuration file for the Global Manager. This file designates which dxa files are used to transfer events and topology into the Global Manager from the Network-Resource Manager, IP-Perspective Manager, and IP-Analysis Manager. The ics-default.xml file contains a separate section for each of the three Domain Managers. Each section indicates the dxa file that is used for that particular Domain Manager.

In this example, the event is generated in the Network-Resource Manager. The event is not used in any analysis in the IP-Analysis Manager. Therefore, the event subsciption needs to be added to only the dxa file that defines which topology and events are transferred from the Network-Resource Manager to the Global Manager.

The ics-default.xml file sets dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf as the dxa file that defines which topology and events to transfer from a Network-Resource-Suite to the Global Manager. This is shown in the following section of the ics-default.xml file.

IP-Analysis Manager     dxaConfFile="dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf" 
     <description>Type for Network Resource Connectivity and Performance Suite</description>
     <hook enable="False">ics/dxa-sample-hook.asl</hook>

TEST_SERVER_RM is of the type Network-Resource-Suite. Therefore, the subscription to the new event must be added to the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file.

Event and notification subscriptions in the Global Manager are configured within dxa configuration files by using the sub keyword. Patterns (regular expressions) separated by "::" match the class name, instance name, and event name in the Domain Manager.

The syntax is as follows:

sub <classPattern>::<instancePattern>::<eventPattern>/<modifiers>


  • <classPattern> is the pattern to match for the class name.

  • <instancePattern> is the pattern to match for the name of the instance.

  • <eventPattern> is the pattern to match for the name of the problem or event.

  • <modifiers> can have the following values:

    • p = problem

    • e = event

    • a = aggregates

    • n = notifications

      To add the event:

      1. Edit the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file by using sm_edit:

                                   /smarts/bin/sm_edit conf/ics/dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf
      2. Type the following lines in the subscription section of the file.

                                   # Added for Dynamic Model
                                    sub  Interface_Performance_CiscoRouter_Ethernet::.*::TS_HighOverrunRate/e
      3. (Optional) Set the severity and category of the notification that is created for this event. “Setting the notification characteristics of the event” on page 107 provides more information.

      4. Save and close the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file.

        The modified version of the file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/ics directory.