The expressions defined in an event are not evaluated and polled unless there is a subscription to that event. The previous edit of the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file added a subscription to the TS_HighOverrunRate event from the Global Manager. The Global Manager must be started for the subscription to take effect and for polling of the new variables to commence.


In this section, BASEDIR refers to the directory for the Service Assurance Manager.

To start polling the new attributes:

  1. Type the following command to start the Global Manager:

                   /smarts/bin/sm_server -n TEST_SA -c ics --broker=localhost:426 --outputs
  2. In the Global Console, attach to the TEST_SA Global Manager.

    Once polling has started, the values of TS_locIfOverrun, TS_locIfInOverrunRate, TS_OverrunErrorRate, and TS_OverrunErrorPct update and will appear similar to Attributes tab with the new attributes after polling.

    Figure 1. Attributes tab with the new attributes after polling