XML exporter command parameters describes the command parameters to use with sm_xml.

Table 1. XML exporter command parameters



Optional flag



Name of the target manager. By default, this manager name is INCHARGE.



Alternate location of the VMware Smart Assurance broker. Must be typed as host:port. The default is the broker specified for the manager at installation.



import [--exit-on-error] [--verify] <input-xmlfile>

Import an XML document called <input-xmlfile>.

Optionally, the XML can be verified without importing it to the manager using --verify. Additionally, using --exit-on-error, the XML can be imported, but the import process will stop when an error is detected.

Command arguments:


The XML file used to import the VMware Smart Assurance topology.



This option allows you to import the XML, but stops the import process when a runtime error is encountered.

By default, without this command option, a runtime error is reported, but the import process resumes at the next element.


Anything imported prior to the runtime error remains in the repository.



This option validates the XML file against the ICIM/XML DTD specification, but does not import the XML to the Manager.


For example, to import a file called Applications.xml into a Manager called INCHARGE, use the following command:

         sm_xml import --exit-on-error Applications.xml