Business Impact Manager passes the results of its impact analysis in the form of notifications to the Global Manager. The Global Manager, in turn, combines these notifications with the notifications received from underlying Domain Managers such as IP Availability Manager and then passes the notifications to the Global Console, where they are presented in a tabular form in the Notification Log Console.

Each notification consists of a set of attributes that describe properties of the notification, such as Class, Name, Event, Source, and Impact. The value in the Name attribute is the display name of the notification; “Understanding names and display names” on page 67 describes the naming formats used to create business element names. For a root-cause problem notification impacting (affecting) business elements or the infrastructure or application elements that support those business elements, Business Impact Manager sets the notification’s Impact attribute to the sum of the weights of the impacted elements; the larger the numeric value, the larger the impact.

The severity of a notification is reflected by its color, where red indicates the highest severity level.