The configuration of a Dashboard viewlet to automatically attach to a server involves defining two properties in the file. Alternatively, the parameters can be defined in the HTML files used to launch the viewlets. If the properties are defined in the HTML files, they must be defined identically in all the viewlet HTML files.

Parameters for automatic attach with viewlets describes the parameters used to configure Dashboard viewlets to automatically attach to the Global Manager.

Table 1. Parameters for automatic attach with viewlets




The value of com.smarts.viewlet.authhttp specifies the URL of the servlet that will perform the lookup and retrieval of the stored userid and password credentials.

The syntax of this parameter is http://<tomcat_host>:8080/SMViewletAuth/

If web server is configured to run over https, then the syntax to be used is: https://<tomcat_host>:8443/SMViewletAuth/, where port 8443 is the secure port (the port may differ depending on how the web server is configured). “Using SSL (https://)” on page 30 provides additional information.


The value of com.smarts.attach.alias is a unique identifier that labels the credentials to be used by the auto attach mechanism. This unique identifier will have to be defined in a small server database using the administrator Dashboard credentials tool provided in the distribution.