An example of a modified file that uses the parameters described in GUID-E27435F2-F13C-4C42-84BC-DBCB9FECCACA.html#GUID-E27435F2-F13C-4C42-84BC-DBCB9FECCACA___SA_DASHBOARD_CONFIG_CHAP2_91612 is:

# This is a Java Properties file, for the GUI running as an Applet.
# Leading and trailing blanks are stripped from parameter values.
# If you have a property which you want to have leading or trailing blanks, enclose that parameter in double quotes, 
# e.g.: some.parameter="  I am a value with leading and trailing blanks  "

In this example, the parameter, com.smarts.viewlet.authhttp, refers to the URL of the servlet that will retrieve the credentials (username, password, broker, and Global Manager) from Tomcat.

The parameter, com.smarts.attach.alias, is set to the Dashboard credentials identifier named, GUI_ID. To configure GUI_ID, use the Dashboard credentials administrator’s tool.