The Servlet Tomcat Engine is installed into the BASEDIR/smarts/tomcat directory on the host where the VMware Smart Assurance Business Dashboard is installed. If you intend to use Tomcat to serve Dashboard viewlets, you should install the VMware Smart Assurance Business Dashboard onto the system from which you want to serve the relevant files. This can be a different host from where the Global Manager, or any other Service Assurance component is installed.

The Servlet Tomcat Engine, its directory structure, and the Tomcat configuration files are not developed by VMware Smart Assurance. As such, the files under this directory, including the files related to the VMware Smart Assurance Business Dashboard, are not intended to be edited using the sm_edit utility. Instead, open and edit any files under the BASEDIR/smarts/tomcat directory with a text editor.

Tomcat Servlet Engine directories lists relevant subdirectories under BASEDIR/smarts/tomcat related to the configuration and running of VMware Smart Assurance Business Dashboard.

Table 1. Tomcat Servlet Engine directories




Contains Tomcat configuration files, including server.xml


Contains directories and files served by Tomcat: