The Audit Log tab displays the audit trail for the selected notification.

In the log, each row is an entry. To view the full entry, select the row and click Show Full Entry. To insert additional entries, click Add to Audit Log.

System actions such as archiving and user actions such as acknowledgement, ownership, and actions performed using server and automatic tools are recorded as entries in the audit log. Inserted comments cannot be edited or deleted and are archived as part of the audit log. “Adding comments to a notification’s audit log” on page 140 contains additional information.

To save a copy of the current contents of an audit log locally as a text file, click Save table to file. In the Save table to file dialog box, you can choose field delimiters, whether to include column headers, and a location for the file. Click OK to save the audit log. “Saving audit log and containment information” on page 142 contains additional information.