One menu, Status Table, is specific to the Status Table Console. This menu includes one option, Configure Status Table. The Configure Status Table menu is displayed depending on your user access control privileges.

A shortcut menu is available when you right-click on the severity icon for an entity in the table, or on a class or instance name (on the x- and y-axis). Table 12 on page 43

Table 1. Status Table shortcut menus

Selection criteria



Right-click the severity icon for an instance


Opens the Topology Browser view for the current Global Manager that contains the selected element in a secondary window.


Displays an element’s components.

Notification Properties

Displays notification properties for that element.

Show Map

Opens a map with that element as focus.

Server Tools

Displays a submenu listing available server tools.

Client Tools

Displays a submenu listing available client tools.

Table shortcut menu options.