A Status Table Console provides a high-level overview of the status of the underlying elements that affect the operation of business entities such as business processes, customers, and lines of business.


The Status Table Console is available when the VMware Smart Assurance Business Dashboard is installed.

The Status Table Console displays a grid comprised of the following:

  • Primary Class (y-axis) — Selection from a group of collection objects (ServiceOffering, ServiceSubscriber, or any group created by your administrator).

  • Secondary Class (x-axis) — Selection from the group of corresponding instances of the Primary Class. Note that these options change as the Primary Class changes.

    For example, for the class, Customer, a Status Table view can show the instances and notification status of the various service offerings available to the Customer class.

    Your administrator can configure the groups (business entities) and Status Table views. “Configuring a Status Table view” on page 113 includes information on configuring Status Table views.

    In the Status Table Console, the menu options are similar to those in the Notification Log Console (see Table 2 on page 24), except that the Event and Log menus do not exist for the Status Table Console. One menu, Status Table, is specific to the Status Table Console. “Status Table menu and shortcut menus” on page 43 contains additional information.

    Figure 5 on page 42 illustrates instances of the Service Offerings (x-axis) provided by the Service Subscribers listed on the y-axis.

    Figure 1. Status Table Console