In the Summary View Console, certain menu options are provided as toolbar buttons. They are summarized in Table 11 on page 40.

Table 1. Summary View Console toolbar buttons



Opens a local console.

Saves an unsaved console on a local or remote host. Saves a saved console to a previously specified destination.

Displays the Select Context(s) To Listen To dialog box for configuring context sharing.

Opens a browser for reporting. The VMware Smart Assurance Report Manager User Guide includes additional information.

Displays the Notification Properties dialog box for a selected notification.

Acknowledges an active, selected notification.

Displays the Map Console.

Edits the parameters of a selected summary. Changes a summary’s contents, its title, and its chart type, and specifies continuous or scheduled display updates of notifications.

Specifies a filter for a selected summary.

Displays a Notification Log view for a selected summary in a secondary window.

Moves a selected summary one cell to the left.

Moves a selected summary one cell to the right.