You can open a Web Console, which provides Global Console functionality, in a web browser. When you open a Web Console, the console opens within the browser, not in a separate window.

The VMware Smart Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, ESM, MPLS, and NPM Managersincludes browser requirement information.


If a message prompting you to install the latest J2SE Runtime Environment appears, click Yes (or the link) and follow the steps to install the software.

To open a Web Console:

  1. Start your browser and point it at the following URL:

  2. In the Java Security Warningdialog box, click Yesor Always.

    Yesor Alwaysgrants the Web Console full access to your machine. This allows the console to connect to any Managerfrom your machine, provided your login ID has authorization, and the console can save files locally.

    Noallows the Web Console to run without full access to your machine.

  3. Log in as described in “Logging on and attaching to a Manager” on page 47.