VoIP Availability Manager provides the following polling group categories:

  • IP Phone Groups

  • VoIP Application Groups

  • VoIP Card Services

  • VoIP Clusters

  • VoIP Network Service Groups

  • VoIP Process Groups

  • VoIP Redundancy Groups

    Each category contains one or more default polling groups.


    In your Polling and Threshold Console, the polling categories, groups, and settings that appear will vary depending on the installed VoIP Management Suite products (the VoIP Performance Manager Integration Pack and enablement packs).

    Two points to note about the tables that follow:

  • “SNMP” in a setting such as “IP Phone Monitoring - SNMP” implies status input obtained from SNMP polling, and “External” in “IP Phone Monitoring - External” implies status input obtained from an external source. For example, for the Nortel IP phones, the status input is obtained from processing traps generated by the managed Nortel devices.

  • Only a discovered object of the target type (or one of its subclasses) and matching the matching-criteria attribute(s) for a particular polling group becomes a member of that group. For example, for the Avaya IP phones, only a discovered object of type “IPPhone” (or one of its subclasses) with attribute Vendor = AVAYA becomes a member of the group.

    You can specify additional matching criteria for a polling group to limit its membership, as explained in “Editing matching criteria” on page 125.