Threshold groups for Call Managers are used to configure parameters for Call Manager analysis.

For Avaya Call Managers, membership is restricted to the following disaster-prevention types of Call Managers:

  • Local Survivable Processor (LSP)

    A Call Manager application, running on a remote H.248 Media Gateway, that preserves client device connections during a primary Call Manager server failover.

  • Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS)

    A Call manager application, running on a Media Server, that provides survivability to local or remote Media Gateways and port networks during a primary Call Manager server failover.

    Default Call Manager groups lists the default Call Manager threshold groups, their matching criteria, and their settings. The matching-criteria target class for Call Manager threshold groups is VoipNetworkService or ConvergedCallManager.

Table 1. Default Call Manager groups

Threshold group

Matching criteria


Avaya Communication Managers

ConvergedCallManager attributes:

  • Type = LSP|ESS

  • CreationClassName = ConvergedCallManager

  • Vendor = AVAYA

  • Converged Call Manager Performance Thresholds

  • VoIP Avaya Backup Monitoring Options

Nortel Call Managers

VoipNetworkService attributes:

  • CreationClassName = CallManager

  • Vendor = NORTEL

  • VoIP Nortel Backup Monitoring Options

  • VoIP Nortel TLAN Monitoring Options

Cisco Call Managers

ConvergedCallManager attributes:

  • CreationClassName = CallManager

  • Vendor = CISCO

  • Call Manager Performance Thresholds

  • Conferencing Resource Performance Thresholds

  • Media Resource Performance Thresholds