To use Option 1 to automatically add one or more IP Availability Managers as topology sources to VoIP Availability Manager, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory in the VoIP Availability Manager installation area and issue the following command to start VoIP Availability Manager:

         sm_service start ic-voip-server

During startup, VoIP Availability Manager:

  • Registers with the VMware Smart Assurance Broker.

  • Loads its .import and configuration files—including domain.conf and voip.conf.

  • Adds as a topology source each IP Availability Manager listed in the domain.conf file.

  • Creates in its repository an InChargeDomain object (INCHARGE-AM, for example) for each IP Availability Manager instance added as a topology source.

  • Establishes a connection to each IP Availability Manager source and probes each source for device topology information.

  • Imports and stores in its repository the device topology discovered by each IP Availability Manager source.

  • Initiates its own discovery by sending SNMP polls and CLI commands to the devices to discover the VoIP information needed to build the VoIP topology.

    After completing its initial discovery, VoIP Availability Manager will import the device topology from IP Availability Manager whenever IP Availability Manager completes a discovery cycle. “Synchronizing with IP Availability Manager” on page 43 describes how VoIP Availability Manager synchronizes its discovery with the discovery of IP Availability Manager.