Processing of VoIP Performance Manager performance data shows how VoIP Availability Manager processes the performance data from VoIP Performance Manager. The mechanism that conveys performance data is a VoIP Performance Manager trap. The integration procedure is provided in Chapter 3, “Configuring VoIP Performance Manager Integration.â€�

Figure 1. Processing of VoIP Performance Manager performance data

VoIP Performance Manager periodically sends predefined traps to the VoIP Availability Manager built-in trap receiver. The built-in trap receiver reads the Integrated Research Enterprise OID (. field of the received traps and forwards the traps to the PM Trap Processor.

For each received trap, the PM Trap Processor determines which PM trap handler to invoke based on the name of the trap. The selected PM trap handler parses the trap for performance metrics and applies their values to the appropriate attributes of the corresponding object in the VoIP Availability Manager modeled topology.


With a few exceptions, a predefined trap contains metrics for just one object.

If the corresponding object cannot be found in the topology, the PM trap handler discards the trap. Media resource type traps are exceptions to this rule. “MediaResourceAggregate objects” on page 26 describes how media resource data is processed.


The VoIP Performance Manager traps that convey the performance data should not be confused with VoIP Performance Manager threshold traps which are informational traps. Performance data traps provide performance-oriented data for object attributes. Informational traps do not. The VoIP Notification Trap Adapter collects and parses informational traps, and then the Adapter Platform processes them as trap notifications. VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide provides complete information about traps that are converted to notifications.