Manually integrating VoIP Performance Manager with VoIP Availability Manager consists of the following steps:

  1. “Copying, configuring, and starting PMT-THRESHOLDâ€� on page 44 to initiate the sending of the VoIP Performance Manager traps required by VoIP Availability Manager.

  2. “Enabling the VoIP Availability Manager built-in trap receiverâ€� on page 45 to receive and process VoIP Performance Manager traps that convey performance data.

  3. “Controlling the processing of VoIP Performance Manager trapsâ€� on page 45 through parameter settings in the voip.conf file.

  4. “Customizing performance polling and thresholdsâ€� on page 46 through a Polling and Thresholds Console attached to VoIP Availability Manager.