The first time you attempt to view a Change Detail Report, you will see a certificate warning message. To resolve the message and view the report, you need to accept the certificate and authenticate the msa-user account credentials to the NCM EDAA server. Depending on your browser, perform the steps in these troubleshooting topics to configure access to all Change Detail Reports:

The Change Detail Reports contain the configuration differences and audit trails for devices managed by NCM. These reports require access to an external URL. The external web application is hosted on the NCM EDAA (also called MSA) Tomcat server in your NCM deployment. The default user name is msa-user and the default password is sysadmin. To allow authentication to this application, a CAS authentication server is deployed along with ncm-msa service. When you try to access the Change Detail Reports, the UI prompts you for the username and password.

If needed, use this procedure to change the NCM EDAA password: Changing the NCM EDAA password to access Change Detail Reports