Welcome to the VMware Tanzu© Hub® documentation. Using the documentation, you can manage your native public cloud entities and applications.

The dashboard provides a overview of the state of your native public cloud entities.

Getting started with Tanzu Hub

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To learn about... See...
Signing up for the Free Tier. VMware Tanzu Hub.
What to do on day 1. Where to begin with Tanzu Hub.
What was discovered on your native public clouds. Review your discovered inventory.
Curating or building applications from your discovered resources. Curate applications.
Monitoring resources based on a prioritized insights that need your attention. Monitor resources with Insights.
Setting up governance policies to ensure your resources comply with your company best practices or industry standards. Define Guardrails governance policies.
Determining if you can save costs by moving workloads to the cloud. Create a Transformer assessment to migrate resources.