Getting Started with VMware Tanzu Mission Control

The Getting Started with VMware Tanzu Mission Control documentation provides a series of simple tasks to help you get started with Tanzu Mission Control. The tasks introduce you to some common features in Tanzu Mission Control to manage your Kubernetes clusters and other resources. Doing the tasks also familiarizes you with the Tanzu Mission Control console.

Follow the procedures sequentially. However, if you don’t want to provision new clusters from within Tanzu Mission Control, you can skip the sections describing how to connect a cloud provider account and create a cluster.

  1. Getting access and launching Tanzu Mission Control

    Use VMware Cloud Services tools to gain access to VMware Tanzu Mission Control. After you get access, log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console to start managing clusters.

  2. Creating a cluster group

    Create a cluster group to help organize and manage your clusters.

  3. Attaching an existing cluster

    Attach a cluster, if you already have one, to your VMware Tanzu Mission Control organization.

  4. Connecting a cloud provider account

    Set up a cloud provider account connection in VMware Tanzu Mission Control so you can start creating clusters. This procedure walks you through the process of creating a cloud provider account connection with AWS using Role ARN.

  5. Provisioning a new EKS cluster

    Use the Tanzu Mission Control console to create a new Kubernetes cluster in your cloud provider account.

  6. Accessing your new cluster

    Connect to your provisioned cluster with kubectl.

  7. Deploying a sample app

    Run a deployment in your cluster.

  8. Viewing your cluster

    Exercise the observability features of VMware Tanzu Mission Control to examine what is happening in your cluster.

Intended audience

This information is intended for administrators who want to use Tanzu Mission Control to create and manage Kubernetes clusters and their associated resources. This information is also intended for application administrators and developers who want to use Tanzu Mission Control to deploy and manage modern apps in a Kubernetes architecture. The information is written for developers who have a basic understanding of Kubernetes and are familiar with container deployment concepts. In-depth knowledge of Kubernetes is not required.

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