As a platform operator or infrastructure operator, use VMware Tanzu Mission Control to connect your cloud provider account for data protection and complete cluster lifecycle management.

When you register your cloud provider account in Tanzu Mission Control, you can use that connection, or credential, to manage data protection or provision Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and leverage the built-in cluster lifecycle management best practices of Cluster API. For more information, see Data Protection and Cluster Lifecycle Management in VMware Tanzu Mission Control Concepts.

About Cloud Provider Accounts

There is a one-to-one relationship between your cloud provider account and the connection you create to it in Tanzu Mission Control.
  • For a cloud provider account, you create only one CloudFormation stack for Tanzu Mission Control.
  • When you generate a template in Tanzu Mission Control to create a stack, it can be used only once.
  • You can use a cloud provider account for only one connection in one organization. You cannot use the same stack or cloud provider account for connections in multiple organizations.