As a platform administrator, use VMware Tanzu Mission Control to see and create policies for the Kubernetes objects in your organization, and evaluate any issues that occur with those policies.

Policies allow you to define rules to govern the objects and members in your organization. For more information about policies in Tanzu Mission Control, see Policy-Driven Cluster Management in VMware Tanzu Mission Control Concepts.

The Policies page in the Tanzu Mission Control console has two subpages that enable you to view your policies in different ways.
  • The Assignments page has an objects tree that shows the hierarchy of Kubernetes objects in your organization, which you can view through the Clusters hierarchy (infrastructure view) or the Workspaces hierarchy (application view). This page also has tabs that show the different types of policies you can create.
  • The Insights page has a table that displays issues that have occurred in policies that you have implemented in your organization. This page has tabs that allow you to filter the contents of the table by policy type.