Reviewing your discovered VMware Tanzu Platform hub inventory

As a Tanzu Platform hub administrator who wants to view the resources in your environment based on the services discovered from your accounts, you can use the inventory as a starting point.

View the discovered resources by service

To get an accounting of your discovered resources by service so that you understand the breadth of your environment, you can review the services by provider or other filters in a tabular form with resource totals.

  1. Select Infrastructure > Search and click the Inventory tab.

    The Inventory page lists the discovered services. You can filter the list and explore the results.

  2. Create a filter so that you and review the information and useful groupings.

  3. To view the resource types associated with service, click the double arrows to the left of the Service column.
  4. To open the resources in the Search and Explore view, click the number in the Resource Count column.

    After you click the number, the resources appear in the Search and Explore page.

  5. To learn more about using the search and explore options, see Locating particular resources in VMware Tanzu Platform hub.

Parent topic:Managing your resources and applications in VMware Tanzu Platform hub

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