VMware Tanzu® Service Mesh™ is VMware's enterprise-class service mesh solution that provides consistent control and security for microservices, end users, and data—across all your clusters and clouds—in the most demanding multicluster and multicloud environments.

Tanzu Service Mesh is available from VMware Cloud™ services.

Tanzu Service Mesh Key Benefits

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh is an enterprise-class service mesh that:

  • Extends the service mesh capability (discovery, connectivity, control, security, and observability) to users and data.

  • Facilitates the development and management of distributed applications across multiple clusters, multiple clouds, and in hybrid-cloud environments with Global Namespaces, supporting federation across organizational boundaries, technologies, and service meshes.

  • Implements consistent application-layer traffic management and security policies across all your clusters and clouds.

  • Integrates with VMware Tanzu™ Mission Control™ , VMware® Enterprise PKS, and VMware Tanzu™ Kubernetes Grid™ to provide a seamless user experience.

Learn More About Tanzu Service Mesh

Visit the Tanzu Service Mesh product page to:

  • Learn what Tanzu Service Mesh can do for your enterprise applications.

  • Watch our video showing how to connect and protect modern distributed applications with Tanzu Service Mesh.

  • Check out the resources on Tanzu Service Mesh.

Use Tanzu Service Mesh Documentation

See the latest Tanzu Service Mesh documentation set, which includes the following documents:

The Tanzu Service Mesh documentation reflects the latest content describing the service. This content is updated regularly to provide the most current information available.

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