VMware Tanzu provides a full stack of capabilities for modernizing your applications and infrastructure to continuously deliver better software to production. The Tanzu portfolio simplifies multi-cloud operations, and allows developers to easily access the resources they need to build modern applications.


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What Is Tanzu?

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Tanzu allows you to containerize your workloads to run on premises or in the cloud, while increasing security and manageability. You can refactor existing software to be delivered continuously and resiliently. You run and manage your applications consistently everywhere, on a secure and scalable infrastructure with a conformant Kubernetes runtime.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform allows application developers to build, containerize, and deploy applications across your Kubernetes infrastructure. VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations allows platform operators to build, manage, and monitor Kubernetes environments across multiple platforms, both on premises and in the public cloud. VMware Tanzu Application Service is VMware's implementation of the Cloud Foundry open source project.

Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

Tanzu Solutions Workbooks and Reference Architectures

To help you to plan your deployment, the Tanzu Reference Architecture Documentation provides validated deployment configurations for Tanzu. The Reference Architecture docs include Tanzu Solutions Workbooks that describe how to implement specific use cases with Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Application Service. Workbooks for new use cases are added regularly.

Find the Right Tanzu Docs for Your Platform

To find documentation for Tanzu products that run on either Kubernetes or on the VMware commercial implementation of Cloud Foundry, consult the tables in the tabs below.

Docs for Tanzu on Kubernetes

The documentation for Tanzu products and services that run on Kubernetes are grouped according to different audiences, namely, platform operators, application developers, or architects.

Create a Kubernetes Application Development and Deployment Platform

Set Up and Manage Your Kubernetes Infrastructure

Tanzu Application Platform entitles you to Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu, Application Live View for VMware Tanzu, Cloud Native Runtimes for VMware Tanzu, Tanzu Build Service, Tanzu Buildpacks, Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes, and VMware Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes.

Products in the Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations bundle include VMware Tanzu Mission Control, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, VMware Tanzu Observability, VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, and Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.

See the Tanzu Application Platform Documentation

See the Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Documentation

In addition, Tanzu Application Catalog provides a customizable selection of trusted, pre-packaged, open-source application components that you can use directly in production environments.

Docs for Tanzu on Cloud Foundry

The Tanzu portfolio also includes a range of products that run with Tanzu Application Service, the VMware commercial implementation of the open source Cloud Foundry project.

Create an Application Development and Deployment Platform on Cloud Foundry

Manage Your Develop and Deployment Environment on Cloud Foundry

Tanzu Application Service allows you to develop and deploy apps to public and private clouds extensibly, automatically, and flexibly from Tanzu Operations Manager. Tanzu includes a wide range of products that you deploy on Cloud Foundry to extend and compliment Tanzu Application Service.

VMware Tanzu Operations Manager allows you to deploy, expand, and manage all of the Tanzu products that run on Cloud Foundry. Tanzu Operations Manager provides extensions to perform backup/restore, provide analytics, and so on. It also provides apps hosted by Tanzu Application Service, for example databases.

See the Tanzu Application Service Documentation

See the Tanzu Operations Manager Documentation

After you have set up your Tanzu infrastructure, on either Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry, you can monitor it to obtain real-time data about your deployments with VMware Aria Operations for Applications.

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Compliance and Hardening

Tanzu product releases are validated against the Defense the Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guides (DISA STIG), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) framework, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines. For information, see the Tanzu Compliance Documentation.

Explore Tanzu Academy and Partner with Tanzu Labs

Learn about Tanzu by taking the courses provided by Tanzu Academy by VMware.

Engage with Tanzu Labs to get your Tanzu journey started, and follow Tanzu Labs on Twitter.

Additional Resources

In addition to the user docs, VMware creates a wide array of other Tanzu content and resources to help you with your Tanzu deployments and with application development with Tanzu.

Learn More About Tanzu and Kubernetes
  • Visit the Tanzu home page for Tanzu solution briefs, testimonials, and demos, and to find out more about the capabilities of the Tanzu portfolio.

  • Discover and learn about Kubernetes by taking Kubernetes training courses at the KubeAcademy from VMware.

  • Try out the products in the Tanzu portfolio with the Tanzu Hands-on Labs.

  • Visit the Tanzu Developer Center for blogs, whitepapers, getting started guides, code samples, and other developer resources, contributed by both VMware and by the community.

  • Search Knowledge Base articles for troubleshooting and tips for Tanzu products.

  • Get the technical resources to understand and evaluate Tanzu products in the Tanzu Tech Zone.

  • Find Tanzu code samples, tips, and community contributions on VMware {code}.

Tanzu Videos and Podcasts
  • Learn about how Tanzu helps you to create a Kubernetes development and deployment platform by browsing the library of videos on the Tanzu and VMware Cloud Native Apps YouTube channels, as well as on Twitch

  • Watch live and recorded demos, webinars, and regular episodes of Tanzu Tuesdays on Tanzu.TV!

  • Listen to the regular Tanzu Talk Podcasts!

Tanzu News
  • VMware posts regularly about Tanzu products, product releases, and events on the Tanzu Blog. You can find more news and articles on the VMware Cloud Blog.

  • Follow Tanzu on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Posts provide information about how customers are using Tanzu products, including best practices and design principles, as well as the latest news about running Kubernetes and open source technology on VMware, and managing your Tanzu deployments.