Welcome to VMware Tanzu CloudHealth documentation page. VMware Tanzu CloudHealth simplifies your organization's financial management, streamlines operations, and improves cross-organizational collaboration. Use this page to access complete documentation on the platform features and capabilities.

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Data Center

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Configuring AWS Account

Configuring Azure Account

Configuring GCP Account

Configuring Data Center Account

Configuring VMware Account

AWS Dashboard

Azure Dashboard

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Data Center Migration

Configuring Oracle Account

AWS Rightsizing

Azure Rightsizing

GCP Rightsizing

Data Center Rightsizing

Configuring Alibaba Account


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You want to configure a threshold for cost incurred by your cloud infrastructure.

Check how to create Policies to help you with the steps.

You want to use multiple organizational units to manage user access and sharing.

Check Working with FlexOrgs.

You want to view all anomalies and related cost impact.

Check the section on Using the Anomaly Dashboard.

You want to make an upfront monetary commitment to Amazon in return for a discount on your compute costs.

Check AWS Reservation Management.

You want to analyze your bill data on-demand across a specific variable.

Check FlexReports.

You want to insert additional costs by adding line items to your bill.

Check Custom Line Items.

You want to plan the chargeback workflow for your container environment

Check Container Usage Reports.

VMware Tanzu CloudHealth API

VMware Tanzu CloudHealth includes tools and APIs for administrators and programmers to configure and manage the platform outside the UI. To use the APIs, refer to the documentation listed below.





On the UI, navigate to Setup > Admin, to access the GraphQL Explorer to interact with VMware Tanzu CloudHealth programatically using the GraphQL APIs. With this you can write and test your GraphQL queries on live data in your tenant without installing a separate GraphQL client.

For complete information, refer to Run API Commands from Your Browser with GraphQL Explorer.

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