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What’s Telco Cloud Infrastructure?

VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure is the evolution of VMware vCloud® NFV™, a modular Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform. The ETSI-compliant NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) platform supports a broad set of Virtual Network Functions applications, creating a large ecosystem for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver innovation at a rapid pace and scale. The consistent horizontal architecture of the NFVI platform enables CSPs to deploy various network functions and services for 4G and 5G networks, from core to edge. Furthermore, the same infrastructure components are used in VMware Telco Cloud Platform™, sharing the tried-and-true infrastructure DNA. This empowers CSPs to evolve their telco cloud deployments seamlessly from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Container-as-a-Service (CaaS), without common upgrade dependencies.

Figure 1. Telco Cloud Infrastructure Components
Telco Cloud Infrastructure Components
  • Compute: Virtual compute provides you the best performance and availability. For more information, see the VMware vSphere documentation.

  • Storage: Virtual storage supports hybrid and all flash configurations. For more information, see the VMware vSAN documentation.
  • Networking: Virtual network provides cloud-first telco networking and security to both Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs). For more information, see the VMware NSX documentation.

  • Virtual Infrastructure Manager: You can choose to use one of these proven multi-tenant solutions with Telco Cloud Infrastructure (Cloud Director Edition and OpenStack Edition):

  • Operations, Management, and Analytics: Combines the automation and operations capabilities of VMware Aria products to provide consistent operations and governance for hybrid cloud environment. For more information, see the VMware Aria product documentations.

    For more information about the Telco Cloud Infrastructure components, their interactions with each other, and how they meet CSP requirements, see the VMware Telco Cloud Reference Architecture Guide.

Upgrade From vCloud NFV to Telco Cloud Infrastructure

Telco Cloud Infrastructure maintains the principle design and framework of vCloud NFV to be a fully integrated, modular, multi-tenant telco cloud infrastructure solution. We recommend that you consider upgrading your vCloud NFV environment to Telco Cloud Infrastructure.

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