When Okta is configured as a SAML identity provider in the Workspace ONE Access console, you enter Okta Authentication as the authentication method to associate with this identity provider. You can also customize the sign-in experience in Workspace ONE Access to use the Okta Custom Login Screen authentication method and create a custom sign-in screen.


  • Verify that Okta is configured as a third-party application source and Okta applications are added to the Workspace ONE catalog. See Integrating VMware Workspace ONE with Okta documentation.
  • An Okta OAuth 2.0 Client service created. See the Okta documentation about how to create the OAuth 2.0 service, add a client ID, and client secret.
    • Obtain the Okta tenant URL and client identifier number.
    • Know the log in redirect URL to register with Workspace ONE Access.
  • Know the URLs for the logo and background color for the sign-in screen, if you are customizing the page.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations > Authentication Methods page, select Okta Custom Login Screen.
  2. Click CONFIGURE and configure the Okta custom login setting.
  3. Select the Enabled check box.
  4. Configure the following.
    Configure Description
    Enable Select to enable login with the Okta widget

    Enter the URL of the Okta tenant. For example, https://mytenant.okta.com.

    Client Identifier

    Enter the client ID that is used in the Okta sign-in widget for authentication.

    Logo URL

    Enter the URL web address of your logo image file. For example, https://logo.mycompany/images/tools/logo_lv1.png

    Background URL

    Enter the URL web address of the background image file to use. For example, http://www.imagelocation.com/background/pattern/background-pattern-005.jpg.

    Redirection URL

    Enter the URL that is provided when the OAuth Client was created. This redirection URL is used when authenticating users to match against the client's redirection URL.

  5. Slick SAVE.

Example: Customized okta Sign-In Screen

Customized okta Sign In screen

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