About Workspace ONE UEM Release Notes

VMware Workspace ONE UEM Release Notes provide information on the new features and improvements in each release. This page includes a summary of the new features in 2209, issues resolved, and known issues.

When can I expect the latest version?

We strive to deliver high-quality products, and to ensure quality and seamless transitions, we roll out our products in phases. Each rollout may take up to four weeks to accomplish and is delivered in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Demo, Shared SaaS UATs, and Latest Mode UATs

  • Phase 2: Shared SaaS environments

  • Phase 3: Latest Mode environments

Once our phased rollout is complete, we will announce general availability for on-premises and managed hosted customers. For more information, see the KB article.

Getting Ready for Apple Fall 2022 Releases

Learn more about the upcoming Fall 2022 releases for Apple. See Getting Ready for Apple Fall 2022 Releases for more information.

New Features in this Release


  • We've enhanced Global Search to boost your search results.

    Global search results for devices now include the device’s organization group. This provides context for locating the device in large environments. No setting is required for this default feature. For more information, see Global Search.

  • The Device Wipe page now loads much faster!

    We've enhanced the performance of the Device Wipe page by implementing a filter that retrieves only device wipe data from the complete device command table. This accelerates the rendering of the Device Wipe page.

  • Experience quicker and more seamless SaaS environment upgrades.

    Upgrading to SaaS took more time than expected because of some logic in the migration code, specifically the addition of UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) to the notification table of high-volume environments. We've now decided not to move that specific set of data and to instead add UUID to every new record. The UUID is only required for newer SaaS notification APIs and not for all APIs related to UEM console notifications.

  • Tenancy enforcement on the Assignment Groups page.

    You can no longer create new Smart Groups at OGs above customer type. New Smart Groups can only be created at the Customer OG type or other OGs under Customer. For more information, see Workspace ONE UEM Modernization - Tenant ID and Customer Organization Group requirements for Smart Groups (87464).

  • Ensure shift-based workers have access to the right apps and services during on and off hours using Shift Based Access Control (Tech Preview)

    You can now configure restrictions for Hub Services, Notifications, App entitlements, and Single Sign-On when the user is not deemed to be working - based on WorkJam Time and Attendance System definitions. This feature requires Workspace ONE Experience Workflows, Workspace ONE Hub Services 2209, Workspace ONE Access 2209, and Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub iOS 22.08 and Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Android 22.11.


  • Want more control over auto updates for Android apps? We’ve got a solution for you.

    You can now set an Auto Update Priority for Android Public Apps for devices managed by Workspace ONE UEM. You can choose to enable high-priority updates or delay updates by 90 days for each app. For more information, see Deploy Application on your Android Devices through Managed Google Play Store.

  • Introducing a new enterprise wipe to relinquish ownership of an Android 11+ COPE device.

    You can now wipe only the Work Profile on Android 11+ COPE devices, allowing organizations to relinquish ownership of the device to the user. Previously, the Enterprise Wipe action would initiate a factory reset on the device, which has now been renamed Device Wipe. The new Enterprise Wipe action keeps personal apps and data intact and does not initiate a factory reset.


  • Restrict users to upload images to the Content app using only the device's camera.

    You can restrict users to only uploading images to the Content app from the device's camera. To do so, activate the Allow Upload From Camera Only option when configuring an Admin repository in the Workspace ONE UEM console. For more information see, Configure an Admin Repository.

  • Specify the number of files that users can upload to the Content app.

    Set the maximum number of files that users can upload when configuring the Workspace ONE Content app using the Workspace ONE console. You can now allow users to upload up to 40 files at once in the Content app. For more information see, Configure VMware Workspace ONE Content.


  • macOS now supports the uploading of MobileConfig files.

    You can now directly upload mobileconfig profiles for macOS into the Workspace ONE UEM console. For more information, see Upload a Profile.

  • Specify the Intelligent Hub version to be distributed to the devices.

    You can now select the version of the Intelligent Hub to be deployed on the Settings page. During Automated Enrollment with Apple Business Manager or School Manager, or through web-based enrollment, you can specify which version of the Intelligent Hub must be installed on all new devices. You can seed the newest version of the Intelligent Hub into the UEM console or specify a specific version if it is supported and compatible with your console version. We will gradually add the feature to SaaS environments during the rollout. For more information, see macOS Intelligent Hub Settings.


  • Support for App & File conditions.

    You can now add Application and File conditions to macOS workflows. Windows workflows currently support these conditions. To add an application or a file condition for macOS devices, the Freestyle Orchestrator feature requires a minimum version of VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 22.08 installed on the target device. For more information see, Condition with Applications.

  • We've adjusted the error handling defaults.

    Previously, the default error handling settings had extremely long wait times between retry attempts. We reduced the time spent on retries so that the workflow can proceed or fail at a more reasonable rate.

    • Timeout: 120 minutes

    • Retry after 15 min

    • Maximum retries: 1

    • Bockoff rate: 2

    Existing workflows will not be affected — only newly created workflows will have these new default values. You can always adjust them according to your needs by clicking Additional Settings > Edit Error Handling. More information can be found under Resource Error Handling .


  • Query Baselines in Workspace ONE UEM for Windows desktop devices.

    You can now query Baselines on devices to update Baseline samples and refresh the Baseline Compliance Status. Use the query function from the Device Details view. To refresh the device's baseline sample, go to More Actions > Query > Baselines in the device record. The Baseline Compliance Status can be found in Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Baselines, where you can select the Baseline and view the Compliance Status card. For more information see, Using Baselines.

Resolved Issues

2209 Resolved Issues

  • FS-2122: Multiple freestyle issues observed for macOS devices.

  • AGGL-12944: Unable to enroll Android 12 devices as DO when Devices Enrollment Mode is set to Registered devices.

  • AAPP-13550: Delay in OS seed script deployment is causing data inconsistency.

  • MACOS-3339: macOS DDUI Content Filter profile had a 255 character limit for socket requirement and packet requirement.

  • AGGL-12354: Allow User to Modify Location Settings for Work Profile was not working.

  • FCA-203951: Unable to assign devices to the Telecom plan list.

  • CMSVC-16504: Assignment page was crashing intermittently for internal apps.

  • CRSVC-32267: iOS compliance policy for application version was not working as expected.

  • UM-7538: The attribute sync was failing primarily.

  • UM-7606: Deactivating 100 users in bulk failed on the Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • RUGG-11335: Launcher Payload settings missing in 2209.

  • RUGG-11361: Folder names are missing in multiple Launcher profiles for Android Enterprise.

  • PPAT-12022: Change the Tunnel devices API from public to internal.

  • MACOS-3301: macOS DDUI network access profile was not showing the "Use as login window configuration" option.

  • MACOS-3300: On new enrollments, DEP or manual, Native Apps were not installing in the Post Enrollment screen as they were showing up as "waiting".

  • MACOS-3252: macOS DDUI tunnel profile missing arrays.

  • MACOS-3258: Unable to edit an existing macOS profile after macOS DDUI has been enabled in the environment.

  • FCA-203881: When downloading legacy reports, the report name is randomized.

  • FCA-203685: Local time was incorrectly reported on Astro Air pages.

  • MACOS-3211: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub was not installing after enrollment on the production environment.

  • FCA-203777: Unable to edit the device asset number.

  • ENRL-3521: Windows Rugged devices were no longer picking up the Registry Entry for Friendly Name.

  • FCA-203090: Incorrect reason for device unenrollment notification.

  • ENRL-3495: API does not return tags value.

  • CRSVC-31836: Unable to publish scripts.

  • CRSVC-31524: Unable to delete a device due to error.

  • CRSVC-31387: GSX connection failed with SSL error.

  • CRSVC-31110: When the database credentials were changed, the entitlement service migration tool failed to connect to the database.

  • CRSVC-31194: The console event date filter was not working properly.

  • CMSVC-16348: When creating a compliance profile for the first time in a Container OG, the "All Devices" smart group that is created automatically does not display the enrolled devices.

  • CRSVC-29464: S/MIME certificates were corrupted on the database.

  • CRSVC-29428: Unable to delete devices from th Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • CRSVC-29391: Triggering the 5K API calls per minute limit despite the fact that it has been more than a minute.

  • CMEM-186691: PowerShell failed with the error "user credential of the remote PowerShell server contains the special characters."

  • CMCM-190011: The database server CPU was spiking to 100% multiple times a day.

  • CMCM-190017: Undefined error occured while when viewing assigned Content devices.

  • ARES-22983: High Latency was observed in Purge Expired Sample Data job execution.

  • ARES-22753: Mac Studio Assignment Update was missing or unselected.

  • ARES-7519: Images for Tablets and Mobiles are not filtered for internal apps.

  • ARES-22684: Devices with Application and User Details report fails when the application filter contains different names for apps with the same bundle ID.

  • AMST-36905: Unable to edit app assignments.

  • AMST-36758: Device context-based applications require valid user session to process uninstall.

  • AMST-36710: Windows Firewall Rule was not functioning properly on Windows 10 device.

  • AMST-36694: Deployment options not retained on Save & Publish.

  • AMST-36528: Unable to activate Show in HUB (Optional) option when a New Assignment is accessed through the Assignment column.

  • AMST-36527: A default user with a weak password was created.

  • AGGL-12787: Due to data loss, the URL blocks and exceptions in the Chrome browser profile disappeared.

  • AGGL-12439: Assign Outlook to a device AFTER enrolment will get the app configuration.

  • AGGL-12349: Device sync initiates the RemoveApp command for an iOS app.

  • AGGL-12346: Unable to migrate Zebra devices to Work Manage mode, due to error "Hub is already device owner".

  • AGGL-12014: Time mentioned in System Updates profile changes to AM from PM after save and publish, when UI Locale languages is Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

  • AGGL-11868: Public Android apps that were published to over 600,000+ assigned devices did not land on the devices.

  • AGGL-11852: There was a language issue with the app description in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app for Android devices in the Work manage mode.

  • AAPP-14054: The EAP-TLS option was not saved in the tvOS WiFi profile (DDUI).

  • AAPP-14265: When checking out a device to a child OG, the managed settings of the child OG are not reflected in the CICO scenario.

  • AAPP-14521: Unable to upload internal apps with multiple info.plists.

  • AAPP-13982: Internal books are marked as Not Installed in the Books tab of the Device Details page.

  • AAPP-13986: Unable to assign devices to public books after the book is created.

Patch Resolved Issues

  • CRSVC-32619: Optimize Publish of public and purchased apps flow.

  • AGGL-12914: Zebra devices are being reported as model type "unknown" in Smartgroup filter.

  • AMST-37236: Allow upper case characters for Baseline Name.

  • AMST-37303: Since upgrading (2204) Custom profiles are not installing for newly enrolled Windows devices.

  • AMST-37308: Device identifier and UDID mismatch for any reason should not unenroll device.

  • AMST-37330: Compromised status change for Mac Devices are flooding Event Logs table.

  • ARES-23122:: MacOS POST /apps/internal/{applicationid}/uninstall creates mdmclient targeted removalapplication command.

  • ARES-23135: Application install is not requested on the devices when all devices are selected on the Resources> Apps> Details View> Devices tab to install a Windows internal app.

  • CMCM-190198: ZDT database upgrade failed.

  • CRSVC-32785: Notifications for VPP App Auto Update will no longer be sent to Admin Console post UEM upgrade to 2206 due to error in GetCoreUsersByLocationGroupIdAsync call.

  • CRSVC-32880: Improve compliance flow at "/api/mdm/devices/search" to reduce DB calls.

  • CRSVC-32900: Event log page under troubleshooting fails to load after upgrade to 2209.

  • FCA-204032: A single call to "/api/mdm/devices/search" makes around 3000 calls to DB and stressing the same.

  • LOC-12523: Incorrect translation for "Class Name" in Launcher payload.

  • MACOS-3403: MacOS DDUI Network device profile not showing "username" option under EAP-TLS protocol.

  • ARES-23300: A single API call makes around 600 calls to DB and stressing the same.

  • CMCM-190180: Unable to delete content from List view or via API (500 error).

  • CMSVC-16585:Unable to access Assignements groups menu and assigned ressources.

  • UM-7681: Migration script related fixes for batch processing.

  • AMST-37434: Sensors tab on Device Detaisl view should be visible for Registered Mode devices.

  • AAPP-14824: Long running query leading to heavy DB Contention.

  • MACOS-3318: MacOS DDUI Network access profile not saving Protocols option.

  • AMST-37256: Seed v2206 SFD patch to UEM.

  • FS-2042: VMwareWorkspaceONEWorkflowEngine fails to install on new M2 Macs.

  • MACOS-3433: macOS DDUI - certificate is not referenced correctly in Network payload.

  • UM-7696: Unable to load Account > Users > List View page.

  • AAPP-14773: Cannot enable Device Assignment for certain VPP applications.

  • INTEL-42470: Managed Application List Initial Export creation.

  • AMST-37582 : WnsClient errors indicate incompatible app.

  • ARES-23737: Performance improvement for Profiles.

  • CRSVC-32264: Syslog connection failing when configured with ACC.

  • FCA-204327: Internal iOS apps unable to renew provisioning profile.

  • RUGG-11580: DDUI-Launcher profile having a problem displaying data in the Add Custom Device Settings field.

  • AMST-37582 : WnsClient errors indicate incompatible app.

  • ARES-23737: Performance improvement for Profiles.

  • CRSVC-32264: Syslog connection failing when configured with ACC.

  • FCA-204327: Internal iOS apps unable to renew provisioning profile.

  • RUGG-11580: DDUI-Launcher profile having a problem displaying data in the Add Custom Device Settings field.

  • AMST-37637: Adding new version for Win app will fail in certain scenario (EAR or change icon).

  • FS-2132: Seed Mac Workflow Host (version 2209.8) in canonical - 2209.

  • CMCM-190230: ContentMap Purge - duplicate key error when content map data has >1 status.

  • CMCM-190233: Unable to configure CG in Re-Ep mode with non-public EP URLS.

  • CRSVC-33268: Add debug logging to the HMAC Canonical code.

  • FS-2124: Multiple freestyle issues observed for macOS devices.

  • INTEL-44134: Android Hub version mismatch between UEM and Intelligence.

  • AGGL-13396: DDUI - Request to increase maximum character limit for fields in Chrome Browser settings profile.

  • AMST-37555: Security sample improvements.

  • ARES-23743: Issue with shift based Access SDK. 

  • INTEL-44408: Display Last Checked Out username in UEM devices data in Intelligence.

  • MACOS-3454: macOS DDUI SCEP Payload - AirWatch CA Template does not populate

  • FCA-204374: Event Data modal is not getting loaded for device and console events

  • AAPP-15042: Certain VPP Apps are stuck Pending Check

  • AAPP-15021: Increased DS memory usage after upgrade to 2209.

  • AMST-37721: (Factory Provisioning) Active Directory select is not working as expected.

  • AMST-37747: (P2P Branch-Cache) Peer to Peer download is not working.

  • ARES-24026: Remove time taking DB script to update EventLog_UpdateCorrectEnrollmentUserInfo from Patches.

  • RUGG-11642: Files downloaded from Files/Actions are empty after upgrade to 2206.

  • ARES-23914: High SQL waits causing the console slowness.

  • CRSVC-33938 Servers hosted on 2012 R2 fail health checks post UEM Upgrade to 2209.

  • AAPP-15129: App details are not getting pre-filled when uploading internal app in UEM 22.09 or above.

  • CRSVC-34056: DB Installer script for 2209.9 fails on SQL Server Standard Edition.

  • ARES-23973: Specific stored procedure throws collation error during environment upgrade.

  • LOC-12523: Incorrect translation for "Class Name" in Launcher payload.

  • FS-2503: Unable to delete Internal applications.

  • AMST-38007: Unable to modify and save the install command for Windows app.

  • MACOS-3559: Rocket space man error when tried accessing Security tab for macOS devices.

  • MACOS-3570: macOS - Add support for new hardware released.

  • AMST-38168: Location option missing in Bulk management for Windows devices.

  • FCA-204671: General search returns ASCII value for apostrophe in the device friendly name.

  • CRSVC-34124: Unable to save SYSLOG settings with hostname with error "Save failed Invalid Host name".

  • AMST-38158: Hub app not showing device as enrolled and not receiving apps/profiles.

  • CMEM-186774: PowerShell integration with Modern Authentication failing for O365 Tenants.

  • PPAT-12921: DTR updates are not consistently consumed by Windows devices.

  • PPAT-13437: iOS VPN Profiles have the incorrect DTR ruleset getting applied for devices.

  • CRSVC-34839: Certificate revocation not working for OpenTrust.

  • AMST-38172: Evaluate and update Enterprise Reset and DeviceGaurd check in the enterprise reset flow.

  • AMST-38266: Improve products delivery for newly enrolled devices.

  • AAPP-15352 : User-enrolled iPad devices are not showing device model details on the Device friendly name and under Device Model.

  • FCA-204796: On Devices List View, the following fields: Custom Layout, Email, Phone, Display Name, First and Last names are blank.


  • MACOS-3604: Spaceman error when loading Accounts > Users > List view.

  • ARES-24673: Internal app publish fails due to duplicate key inserted error.

  • AAPP-15423 : Post Console Upgrade from 22.06 to 22.09 VPP Assignment is not working as expected.

  • ARES-24701: Unable to renew provisioning profile for iOS internal apps.

  • AMST-38335: Baseline compliance report generation on fully compliant devices refreshes the baseline policies and switches the status to Pending Install.

  • AAPP-15386: Beacon sample should trigger Device Info sample but should not save OS data.

  • FCA-204890: Show success for change Organization Group of device even when it is prevented by tenancy restriction.

  • UM-7872: AirWatch Purge expired Sample Data SQL job is failing.

  • AMST-38366: Seed 22.06.20 SFD to UEM console.

  • AMST-38395: Gateway throttling for managed apps sample.

  • ARES-24728: Android App publish failed with dup key violation error.

  • AAPP-15380: Credentials fail to save profile on re-publish.

  • AGGL-13792: [UEM Console - Google] Some Pixel models are inconsistently mapped to a different model causing incorrect Smart Group reconciliation.

  • AGGL-14043: Unable to upload Calculator application from internal apps section.

  • AMST-38341: Antivirus and Firewall status are periodically failing.

  • AGGL-14125: .Net core 3.1 has reached end up life and MTS needs to be updated.

  • PPAT-13627: .NET Core version upgrade to 6 for Tunnel Microservice.

  • SINST-176047: Install .NET core 6 version in 2209 UEM installer.

  • CRSVC-36191: Failed to retrieve bearer token to revoke the refresh token for Office365 apps.

  • ARES-24846: Global search results screen shows garbled characters for double-byte names in UEM console 2209 or later.

  • AAPP-15586: ABM device does not update with the second enrolled user status after re-enrollment from first user to second user.

  • ARES-24773: SP called too many times adding to DB contention.

  • ARES-24645: Public app uninstall API is not working for systems apps.

  • CRSVC-36072: Publish ES .NET 6.0 artifacts in UEM installer.

  • AAPP-15654: APNs samples notifications consumption rate is aligned with scheduler frequency causing queue pile up.

  • ARES-25015: AirWatch Database Purge expired Sample Data SQL job is failing.

  • CRSVC-36223: DB Upgrade Failure due to missing seed value in device manufacturer and device model detail.

  • ENRL-3707: Beacon flow is wrongly updating OS info.

  • RUGG-11942: Loading screen takes more than one hour when you click the send button on the device list page selecting all iOS devices.

  • AMST-38674: Windows DM Session table not being updated.

  • ARES-25139 : Unable to save SDK Settings after editing 'Allowed Sites' under Integrated Authentication.

  • ARES-25202: Unable to add a SG to a workflow for internal app.

  • CRSVC-36552 : Able to silently modify the host value when sending out API test requests.

  • FCA-204490: SQL Exception dbo.Admin_LocationGroupEdit_V3.

  • CRSVC-36552: Able to silently modify the host value when sending out API test requests.

  • ENRL-3740: Enrollment restrictions not being honored for iPad devices.

  • AGGL-12973: Unable to enroll Android 12 devices as Device Owner when Devices Enrollment Mode is set to Registered devices.

  • AAPP-15768: APNsOutbound messages throttled and failure code: Unknown.

  • AAPP-15869: Phase 1 Rapid Security Response support.

  • FS-3212: Freestyle Orchestrator issue with Workflows.

  • CRSVC-37274: Changes for correcting AppSequence workflow type in 2209.

  • AGGL-14472: [Google UEM] Profile group update to Permissions profile group removes all the apps from permission list.

  • FS-3222: iOS and Android Workflows getting struck in 'InProgress' status.

  • FCA-205271: Bulk device delete fails on 2210 version of UEM.

  • CRSVC-37518: Update token refresh Azure AD Graph API call.

  • ARES-25382: Profiles were not getting assigned to iOS devices.

  • SINST-176113: Airwatch API Gateway file copy failed during deployment.

  • PPAT-14135: After migration to AWS CloudFront, the Tunnel Configuration page does not load.

  • AGGL-14564: Remove canonical write reference to Device Beacon Communication endpoint.

  • AMST-38844: Reduce traffic of empty sample for WinRT devices.

  • SINST-176076: AirWatch Tunnel- Failed to protect TunnelDB connectionString.

  • CRSVC-37819: Migrate invalidate refresh token flow from AAD to Microsoft Graph API.

  • AMST-38949: WNS Notifications - Command are not consumed immediately.

  • CRSVC-37690: Add compliance evaluation related events for troubleshooting.

  • AMST-39008: Seed latest SFD 22.06 build to UEM 2212 and 2210 and 2209 servers.

  • AAPP-16002: Hub Registered Mode Sample Collection enhancements and fixes.

  • AAPP-16040: iOS device update details show inconsistent data in Devices grid.

  • CRSVC-37933: Invalidate OCSP on all type of cert revocation flows.

  • CRSVC-37926: Prioritize sample-based compliance evaluations.

  • RUGG-12117: Product assignments are delayed.

  • ARES-25475: App publish not being retried due to a catch block and sync SP deadlock issue.

  • FCA-205565: Upload the Selenoid 1.10.12 to harbor and use the docker-compose.yaml.

  • INTEL-50181: Intelligence enrollment users were not syncing as expected.

  • AAPP-16147: APNs outbound queue being backed up on CN230.

  • AAPP-16171 : Some internal applications with Auto-deployment option fail to install on the device.

  • ARES-25891: Message save failed is displayed on the publish screen when the app publish fails on retry due to a duplicate key insert error.

  • CRSVC-38515: Interrogator service unable to save Certificate samples.

  • UM-8066: Replace deprecated AzureAD Graph with Microsoft Graph API endpoints UM related changes 22.09.

  • CRSVC-38593: Enable migration of invalidate refresh token flow from AAD to Microsoft Graph API.

  • FCA-205617: No new data is syncing to Intelligence from the UEM console.

  • FCA-205651: Unable to send the Push Notifications/Email notifications using Bulk Management.

  • MACOS-3984: MacOS profile repeatedly encounters "Device Profile Corrupted" error.

  • SINST-176153: Updated Code signing certificate.

  • SINST-176170: DDUI Profile Screen Fix.

  • SINST-176202: Update Installer to fix issues with DDUI profile screen.

  • AAPP-16363: Renewed VPP stoken (ASM) does not sync the app details on the console.

  • AGGL-15217: Clicking "Add version" at Assignment page of an application control profile reverts app control payload to default settings.

  • AMST-39538: Workaround for Microsoft issue, breaking SFD installation.

  • INTEL-51753: Update current device enrollment user delta export to include delete operation.

  • CRSVC-39279: Certificate password is null.

  • CRSVC-39364: Memcached uses only one server.

  • CMEM-186889: Powershell script and Workspace ONE UEM side changes for EXO V3 module.

  • ARES-26206: Deploying internal apps is getting stuck in “Pending Release” status.

  • AMST-39475: The default 'Read Only' Admin role to view the Baseline was not working.

  • AGGL-15034: Android DDUI profile payloads not loading.

  • CRSVC-40109: Private key was not exportable in manual flow.

  • CMCM-190661: WS1 UEM console shows spaceman error when viewing security tab for most macOS devices.

  • SINST-176170: Fixed issues with DDUI profile screen.

  • AGGL-15327: Remove EFOTA sample from microservices.

  • ARES-25473: App Publish for Android fails due to duplicate key error.

  • AAPP-16310 : False APNS Notifications during Purchased App Sync.

  • AGGL-15440: Unable to create Android profile with a Time Schedule whose UUID is NULL.

  • ARES-26330: Inactive update profiles getting removed from machines automatically causing the devices unnecessary upgrade to Win 11.

  • CRSVC-40045: Only save public key component of certificate to database.

  • ARES-26449: Modify the sync sp to queue commands if not present when ADS Action ID is 1.

  • AGGL-15530: Google seems to have increased oAuthToken length (AndroidWorkSetting AccessToken got truncated).

  • SINST-176221: Backward compatibility for on-premises installer.

  • MACOS-4060: macOS 14 ADE enrollment fails if Custom Enrollment is off.

  • CMSVC-17277: Custom Script - Legacy to Reusable smart group.

  • CMCM-190726: Status of document in content detail report was not corrected.

  • ARES-23912: TOU page crashes in Workspace ONE UEM console.

  • AAPP-16440: Update device information query cellular keys.

  • ENRL-3854: Windows devices within the customer Organization Group are shown as being enrolled to the users from a different tenant in the same console.

  • CRSVC-41708: Tunnel Gateway unreachable from newly enrolled iOS devices.

  • FCA-206098: Unable to send template message to device from public app details device tab.

  • RUGG-12619: Add support for pull relay server discovery with IP as discovery text.

  • UM-8389: Unblock the Auto/Manual syncs during Advanced Ldap Sync cycle failure.

  • CMEM-186924: Objects not clearing from the memory and causing high memory usage.

  • PPAT-15438: Review and reduce the Tunnel Service Logs generation.

  • AAPP-16572: UEM unable to edit approved SIM for some devices.

  • FCA-206108: Decimal point (.) showing up as comma (,) in device report for some locales.

  • CRSVC-42821: Secure Channel - Cannot find the original signer issue.

  • CRSVC-43327: Increased CPU usage by CiscoISE App pool.

  • AGGL-16159: Android VPN profile shows "Failed to save profile" error when trying to modify the profile or add a version to the profile.

Known Issues


  • LUEM-529:  Certificates status in device details for Linux devices is not updating.

    After successfully installing Certificates for Linux devices using profiles, Certificate status in UEM Console remain shows as Pending Install or Unknown. However the certificates are getting deployed successfully to the devices.

    Updating the certificate status based on sampling is affected but existence of the certificate entry in the device details can be considered as the successful deployment of the certificates on device.

  • FCA-204007: Unable to pull storage information with GET /devices/{uuid} V3 API.

    User is trying to use the v3 API to get the details regarding device while the data we get is different from v2 API. Since the data is different from both versions of the API, the user may not be sure which data is correct.

    V2 API can be used to get the data.

  • FCA-204004: Event Data modal is not getting loaded for device and console events.

     Index on EventLogUuid Column is missing in eventlog.eventlog due to which Stored procedure execution is taking long time and getting timing out.

    There is no current workaround for this issue.

  • UM-7632: User search REST API does not return users at parent Organization Group level even if admin at child Organization Group has access to user groups at parent Organization Group.

    User groups at parent Organization Group are configured to be accessed by child Organization Group administrators. This enables child Organization Group admins to see all the users from user groups at parent Organization Group in UEM console. When the child Organization Group admin tries to fetch the same users via REST API, the API does not return those users. 

    The only workaround is to use parent Organization Group admin credentials while fetching users using REST API.

  • CRSVC-32184: Incorrect pagination total in Message Templates list

    Inconsistent pagination total listed on the total count.

    Blackberry devices are no longer supported, but customers may have Blackberry devices still listed in their system.

    There is no current workaround as the issue is in the database data. Data will need to be cleaned up through a script before this will be resolved.

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